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Why Great Landscape Designs Are More Assembled Than Created

  It has been said that great landscape designs are not created; they are assembled. The creative process inspires, compares, and contrasts, but its primary job is organizing elements so that they can be assembled. Applying this mindset to your landscape projects will give them clarity and focus to meet deadlines and budgets. Many are the designs that ramble on and out of control. They seem to be looking for an anchor or foundation that pulls the pieces together. Lacking one can lead to costly production delays and rework, not to mention the maintenance nightmare that follows. That foundation is

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How to Choose a Landscaping Company

  Many homeowners turn to a professional landscaper due to a lack of time, energy, or design skills. Choosing to hire a landscaping company can be intimidating and time-consuming as it’s essential to do thorough research on all candidates to ensure they can efficiently complete your project. Improve your property value and create the home of your dreams by getting professional help with all your landscaping needs. Identify the Amount of Landscaping Needed Before contacting a full-service landscaping company, it’s encouraged to consider how you plan to utilize your space and establish the desired functionality of your outdoor space. This

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Low Maintenance Landscaping Plants For Difficult Conditions

Master gardeners and landscape designers know what works in difficult situations because they have experience with hundreds of possible scenarios. This gives a built-in database for quickly diagnosing difficult landscaping situations.  Poor soil is one of the top challenges. Now combine that with other challenging elements, such as full sun and drying winds, and suddenly it becomes a complex puzzle. It turns out that enough landscaping plants will do well in difficult conditions to give every landscape a solid foundation of desired qualities, whether that is color, texture, or privacy. In this article, you will discover a palette of durable

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How to Furnish Your Luxury Patio

A patio will boost the value of your home and quickly become an area where you enjoy relaxing. Most patios don’t require a lot of maintenance, and it’s a space you can personalize easily to create the atmosphere you want.  Creating a patio with a luxury feel to it is surprisingly easy. Here are a few ideas for luxury patio designs. The Minimalist Approach We recommend adopting a minimalist approach for outdoor patio designs because that style instantly creates the impression of luxury and provides you with plenty of space you can use. Your patio needs to be inviting and

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It’s Never too Early to Make 2019 Landscaping Plans

It might seem far away, but 2019 is just around the corner, and it’s never too early to start making landscaping plans. The number one rule of any contracting is that everything always takes longer than you think it will, which is especially the case with creating detailed landscaping plans. For you to prepare for executing in 2019 you need to start planning now and getting your ducks in order so that you can get started without any hiccups. The biggest mistake that you can make is leaving the planning to the last minute. Either it’s going to cause errors from

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How to Keep Those Pesky Weeds from Overtaking Your Property

  So, you’ve put a lot of effort into that lush green lawn. Your garden is healthy and productive, and your flower beds are the pride of the neighborhood-but then you see it. A weed, and where there is one there are many more to follow. Weeds propagate rapidly and have deep and extensive root systems, which makes them more than a little difficult to eradicate. There is hope though! Read on to see how you can gain an advantage over those pesky weeds. Mulch Mulch is your yard’s best friend. It keeps weeds down and soils cool and moist.

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