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How To Prune Minnesota Trees For Health, Safety and Appearance

As we transition from spring to summer, woody ornamental plantings are actively growing and ready for timely pruning to support their health and longevity in the landscape. You’ll discover that a basic understanding of tree biology will equip you to give your plants the timely care they need. It’s partly true that plants enjoy vigorous growth after a restful winter dormancy period. More important, is that when springtime arrives they are well-stocked with carbohydrate fuel that has been stored as starch the previous year. Respecting and responding to this annual cycle is one of the first steps in achieving healthier

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Best Shrubs and Bushes for Minnesota Landscapes

Before you start landscaping your home or commercial property, you’ll need to consider which shrubs and bushes will add texture, depth, and color to your yard but you’ll also need to identify which varieties thrive best in the beautiful, yet unpredictable, Minnesota climate. It is important to choose the best shrubs for Minnesota season changes and the best bushes for Minnesota temperatures to plant in your garden. Shrubs and bushes are the cornerstone of landscaping design, so you can’t make the mistake of choosing a variety that won’t sustain well. Accentuating your overall landscaping aesthetics depends on the health and

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9 Residential Landscape Care Practices Homeowners Need to Know

Landscape architects and horticulturists can tell at a glance whether landscaping plantings and beds are maintained by professionals who know the timeless practices that never go out of style. Once you get to know them, you’ll have that same eye that master gardeners and professionals share. Plan For Low Maintenance To Get It Nobody wants landscaping that requires excessive care, but you must accept that every landscape requires regular care.  When one acknowledges this and commits to giving their landscaping the minimum necessary care on a regular basis, they will be rewarded with reduced maintenance over the long run. To

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Why Great Landscape Designs Are More Assembled Than Created

  It has been said that great landscape designs are not created; they are assembled. The creative process inspires, compares, and contrasts, but its primary job is organizing elements so that they can be assembled. Applying this mindset to your landscape projects will give them clarity and focus to meet deadlines and budgets. Many are the designs that ramble on and out of control. They seem to be looking for an anchor or foundation that pulls the pieces together. Lacking one can lead to costly production delays and rework, not to mention the maintenance nightmare that follows. That foundation is

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How to Choose a Landscaping Company

  Many homeowners turn to a professional landscaper due to a lack of time, energy, or design skills. Choosing to hire a landscaping company can be intimidating and time-consuming as it’s essential to do thorough research on all candidates to ensure they can efficiently complete your project. Improve your property value and create the home of your dreams by getting professional help with all your landscaping needs. Identify the Amount of Landscaping Needed Before contacting a full-service landscaping company, it’s encouraged to consider how you plan to utilize your space and establish the desired functionality of your outdoor space. This

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Low Maintenance Landscaping Plants For Difficult Conditions

Master gardeners and landscape designers know what works in difficult situations because they have experience with hundreds of possible scenarios. This gives a built-in database for quickly diagnosing difficult landscaping situations.  Poor soil is one of the top challenges. Now combine that with other challenging elements, such as full sun and drying winds, and suddenly it becomes a complex puzzle. It turns out that enough landscaping plants will do well in difficult conditions to give every landscape a solid foundation of desired qualities, whether that is color, texture, or privacy. In this article, you will discover a palette of durable

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