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Material Upgrades That Instantly Enhance Your Outdoor Room Investment

Adding an outdoor room to your home? Congratulations! You’re making a great investment that amps up your square footage and adds extra enjoyment to your home. But here’s something important to keep in mind: Now isn’t the time to skimp on the details. The details of the design and decor matter as much in an outdoor room as they do in the rest of your home. With some carefully-placed upgrades here and there, you’ll enhance your investment and truly get the most out of your new outdoor room. Here’s how to do it. Window Screens Open-air designs are extremely popular

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Why Outdoor Rooms Are A Must For Active Families

Did you know 20 minutes outdoors is as energizing as a cup of coffee? It’s true – scientists have found that daily outdoor time gives people more energy, provides much-needed doses of Vitamin D, and offers immune system benefits. An outdoor room can be one of the best investments active families can make. It’s good for your health, great for your mind, and smart for your wallet. Here are some proven benefits any homeowner can get from an outdoor room. Stress Reduction Outdoor rooms are excellent for stress reduction and unwinding after a long day at work. Somehow, all of

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