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How Our Customer Success Process Will Make You Love Your Landscape

When people come to us to solve their landscaping challenges they have lots of questions. They want to know if we can help them. They are wondering if they will enjoy working with us. If we pass those two tests they are going to ask more questions about how we work and what everything is going to cost them. We understand getting the landscape you love is a project that is charged with excitement and fear. It’s a major undertaking that everybody wants to right. The good news is that getting everything you want is not only possible, but that

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10 Common Landscape Design Mistakes You Need To Know

The landscape design process is the foundation for every successful landscaping project. Throughout the construction process, the landscape design is referenced every day. Observations and suggested changes should be noted because they too will affect the ultimate outcome. The best-case scenario is to completely update the landscape design after the project is built. This “as-built” plan will serve a valuable reference point for the future as additional changes are common. Most homeowners are not concerned with these recommended practices as long as the completed project meets their expectations. However, not having them may lead to unanswered questions in the future.

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This Is How A Successful Landscape Design Process Works

  Processes are designed, practiced, and perfected to predictably produce desired results. When a patient visits the doctor a questionnaire is completed to collect important historical data such as allergies, surgeries, and family history. The form also asks for insurance information and who is ultimately responsible for settling the account. Then a nurse checks a few metrics to such as pulse, height and weight, and blood pressure that inform the general health of vital organs. This standard procedure exists to make an accurate diagnosis. Only then can the doctor have a conversation about the possible options, next steps, and expectations

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Landscape Design Consultation: Getting A Return On Your Annual Investment

Dwight D. Eisenhower famously said, “Plans are nothing, but planning is everything.” He said this in the context of winning a war. The point of this statement is that events and circumstances change, and therefore, so does the plan. A landscape is a work in progress because it is alive and will change. So will you. People change and their lifestyle has to adapt. What’s important to you and your family today will evolve over time. The challenge is making the most of that journey. You are growing and evolving and should expect your outdoor environment to do the same.

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Outdoor Room Themes That Elevate Your Style

There are many reasons why outdoor living spaces are one of the top home improvement investments, but yours are unique. Outdoor rooms have numberless lifestyle and entertainment benefits, but to discover and achieve the ones that are right for you it’s paramount to start the planning and design process right. You will thank yourself a thousand times over for working to get that clarity. You will be happier with the result and greatly minimize unnecessary and costly mistakes. Here’s a three-step process that is so easy even a caveman could understand it. #1. The Outdoor Room Style Problem Designing the

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Outdoor Living Lifestyle Wellness Benefits

The research is pretty clear that our happiness is tied to our relationship with Nature. An outdoor living lifestyle can lead to the loss of anxiety, a boost to the immune system, and profound states of general wellness.  Human beings are meant to be connected with Nature and science backs this up. Maybe you are familiar with the practice of forest bathing, a trend that has been practiced in Japan for decades to help people feel better and live longer.  There are additional wellness benefits if you exercise in Nature, but simply practicing an outdoor lifestyle is enough. The idea

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