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Why Autumn Is The Perfect Season To Upgrade Outdoor Lighting

Landscape lighting or outdoor lighting is one of the best investments you can make in your home for several reasons. To appreciate its value, take notice that nearly all prominent retail and commercial properties in your community have outdoor lighting. These properties may not be open for business at this time, but not being well-lighted sends mixed messages. Nighttime lighting demonstrates that you want to be visible, that you appreciate being in the community. Illuminating buildings and their outdoor spaces showcases the property. It strategically accents key elements in ways that are not possible during daytime hours. This builds the

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Sustainable Landscape Design

As environmentalism becomes more important to our everyday lives, sustainability is gaining more popularity everywhere, including in the landscaping market. Constantly maintaining your yard can be tiring, and sustainability can play a vital role in lessening that pain while giving back to the planet. The average yard requires maintenance around once a week, which can get old fast when you have to do all the work. The typical yard is challenging to upkeep and may not be the best for the environment. But what does it take for something to be sustainable? Can a landscape be sustainable and still appealing?

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Dog-Friendly Landscape Design Ideas

Dog owners know the struggle of maintaining an outdoor area that is beautiful enough to enjoy while providing ample space for their pets. Animals can wreak havoc on grass, gardens, and other vegetation, so using dog friendly landscaping ideas can eliminate these headaches. In addition to providing a more eye-catching outdoor space, opting for dog friendly landscaping can keep your beloved pet safe and healthy. Unfortunately, homeowners might already have some toxic ornamental vegetation options in their backyard without knowing how hazardous they can be to their four-legged friend. By exploring dog friendly backyard landscape design ideas, your outdoor living

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Irrigation System Design and Maintenance: What Homeowners Need To Know

Landscape irrigation systems have changed significantly in the last twenty years. More intelligent technology makes them easier to use and customize to save time and money.  Minnesota is blessed with abundant moisture year-round, but conserving water supplies is rapidly becoming a top priority in communities across the country. Homeowners invest in automatic irrigation systems to protect the beauty and long-term vitality of their landscapes. In some regions of Minnesota these systems are only used occasionally, but in those peak watering times it is vital that they work as planned and designed. In addition to the initial investment to install an

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Best Evergreen Trees for Minnesota Landscape Designs

One of the most majestic trees Minnesota residents and property owners appreciate is the evergreen. With so many varieties of evergreen to choose from, there are plenty of options to consider for your next landscaping project. However, some evergreens fare better in the Minnesota climate, and others don’t.   Before you select which trees will work best in your yard, you’ll want to know which are the best evergreen trees for Minnesota landscapes, as well as which are the best coniferous trees for Minnesota landscapes. If you stick with varieties of evergreens that thrive in the Midwestern climate, you’ll be able

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Best Shrubs and Bushes for Minnesota Landscapes

Before you start landscaping your home or commercial property, you’ll need to consider which shrubs and bushes will add texture, depth, and color to your yard but you’ll also need to identify which varieties thrive best in the beautiful, yet unpredictable, Minnesota climate. It is important to choose the best shrubs for Minnesota season changes and the best bushes for Minnesota temperatures to plant in your garden. Shrubs and bushes are the cornerstone of landscaping design, so you can’t make the mistake of choosing a variety that won’t sustain well. Accentuating your overall landscaping aesthetics depends on the health and

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