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Landscape Lighting Techniques Professionals Use to Elevate The Night

Photographers, filmmakers, and landscape designers know that achieving the right lighting effect is as much art as it is science. Science explains why photographers will avoid midday shoots when light intensity is high. The light is harsh There are no shadows Colors are washed out There’s too much reflection There can be blind spots The art of landscape lighting is creating interesting shadows, a sense of pause or motion, or providing visual cues that safely lead people to their destination.  The art of working with light is akin to working with musical notes and the spaces between them. Without those

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How to Choose a Landscaping Company

  Many homeowners turn to a professional landscaper due to a lack of time, energy, or design skills. Choosing to hire a landscaping company can be intimidating and time-consuming as it’s essential to do thorough research on all candidates to ensure they can efficiently complete your project. Improve your property value and create the home of your dreams by getting professional help with all your landscaping needs. Identify the Amount of Landscaping Needed Before contacting a full-service landscaping company, it’s encouraged to consider how you plan to utilize your space and establish the desired functionality of your outdoor space. This

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Make Your Holiday Lighting the Envy of the Neighborhood this Year

The holiday season is upon us, and now it’s time to start thinking about holiday lighting. If you enjoy Christmas light displays and plan to put them up at your home, there are many ways you can create a light show that will make your house the envy of your neighborhood this year. Driving around to look at Christmas lights is a yearly tradition for many families. Finding the best displays is a holiday scavenger hunt. The best Christmas light displays often employ several different lighting methods to make their scene grand. Here are some of the ways you can

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Four Stylish Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Options

Are you in need of lighting to keep your home looking good even at night? Landscape lighting enhances the look of your home, makes it safer, and also highlights the beauty of your carefully curated design. The right option for a contentious homeowner is to select low voltage landscape lighting when making a choice to illuminate your house. Once you’ve decided to purchase low voltage landscape lighting, it is just a matter of choosing the right look for your home. Benefits of Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Now more than ever, low voltage landscape lighting comes recommended by professionals. They are easy to

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