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Outdoor Living Spaces: Mapping The Cost of Priceless Lifestyle Experiences

If you are asking about the cost of an outdoor living space or room you will first want to do some discovery.  You can arrive at a meaningful cost by first asking the right questions.  How will outdoor living enhance your lifestyle for the better?  What problems will the right outdoor room solve?  How can a Minnesota homeowner make the most of outdoor living spaces? The honest answer is that outdoor rooms and living spaces are capable of giving you far more than you may have imagined. The possibilities are limitless. This realization is what makes planning and budgeting for

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3 Landscape Winterization Tips To Relax Your Minnesota Mind

That beautiful view outside your window needs some loving care. There’s still time to take a few steps to protect your home and landscape for the winter. The most important action is to get outside and take a look around for anything unusual because you know your home and conditions that may arise. To help you with that we’ve created a 3-point checklist. #1. Protect Your Plants Be sure all of your plants are sufficiently hydrated for the winter. WHY: Water protects plants. The reason for this is that root systems in hydrated soils will freeze and remain protected at

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Rock Talk: Choosing The Right Stone For Building Walls

Stone walls can help shape the look and feel of your landscaping efforts (literally). There’s something about the natural aesthetic that rocks exude that makes them a fan favorite for landscaping enthusiasts and homeowners alike. From accent boulder pieces and pavers, to rock gardens and more — stone can be the perfect way to frame your yard.  Walls are no different and can be both functional and aesthetic. There are essentially two schools of thought when it comes to stone walls. Dry laid (dry stone or dry stacking) Mortared wall The distinction between these two constructions is in between the

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5 Things To Know Before Planning, Designing and Building Outdoor Rooms

Summer in Minnesota is the perfect time to enjoy a beautiful outdoor room that welcomes nature’s fresh northern breezes. Outdoor rooms are currently the most in-demand home spaces. In fact, in Architect Magazine’s annual survey, outdoor rooms have been the most popular type of special-function room for six straight years, surpassing home offices, mudrooms, craft rooms, workshops, and all other specialty rooms. Outdoor rooms get high ratings for functionality and pure enjoyment.  Plus, an outdoor space creates an automatic gathering place for friends and family. These spaces are part of a nationwide multi-generational building trend because they’re so welcoming to

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Outdoor Kitchen, Dining, and Living Room Design Ideas

Imagine enjoying dinner outdoors on a warm Minnesota evening in the summertime. As the sun sets, you’re sipping after-dinner drinks on the patio while a fire twinkles in your outdoor fireplace. Wouldn’t you love to have an outdoor kitchen, dining room, or living room? Not only are these outdoor spaces wonderful to enjoy with friends and family, but they’re also a terrific investment in your home’s value.  According to, four of the top 10 most profitable additions to your home can be combined with outdoor living: fireplaces, pools, exterior lighting, and kitchen upgrades. Outdoor kitchen/dining spaces are very popular,

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This Is Why A Screened Porch Is A Perfect Home Improvement

You have experienced one at a beachfront vacation home, ski lodge, or hunting cabin. Screened porches or 3 season rooms are timeless lifestyle home improvements. They can be easy on the budget too. This makes them perfect home improvements that bring families and friends together in a space that makes you feel like you are on vacation. Plan Your Screened Porch To Stretch the Budget Like any other indoor or outdoor room, your planning process starts with imagining how you will use it. Your lifestyle and the activities you enjoy will determine the size and shape of the room and

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