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ALD Featured Exhibitor at Minneapolis Home and Garden Show February 29-March 4, 2012

Stop by Booth #750 and talk to us about your bringing your landscaping dreams to life! ALD is a featured exhibitor at the biggest show, the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show. Come to the show to find out what’s new in home, garden, landscaping, remodeling and much more! Every project we do is unique since it starts with a review with our customer of their project ideas, needs and desires. Each customer gets want they want as they work with our talented licensed design staff. Our desire is to have your home and surroundings express your unique taste and personality.

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Start Your Landscaping Project at the Home Improvement & Design Expo Shakopee Saturday, March 17th 10 am-5 pm

This year plan to attend the Home and Design Expo scheduled March 17th in Shakopee at Canterbury Park. It’s the smartest place to start any home improvement project. It’s also a great time to start planning your landscaping projects. Come and share your landscaping dreams and desires with the ALD landscape design team at our display booth. Our MN landscape company only does unique projects. That’s because all of our projects and work begins with a review with you. Our customer’s project ideas, needs and desires ensure that each customer gets want they desire when they work with our talented licensed

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A Private Yard Equals Peace of Mind

The peace of mind a yard offers is often a result of how much privacy a yard affords the homeowners. Start by being your own private eye, look around your yard. What do you want and need for privacy? Check it out from all angles. Go inside and consider your needs from that vantage point. When you stand at your kitchen sink, are you looking into a neighbor’s window or looking at their siding? If you need privacy at a window, planting evergreens won’t leave you exposed even in the winter. Window boxes can also screen your window from onlookers

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Extend Your Outdoor Seasons with Heat

When the temperature starts going down in the evening that is no reason to shorten a meal or go inside. You want your guests to be comfortable so aside from passing out blankets what can you do? There are several options to consider that our MN landscape designers and architects would be happy to review and make a plan that meet’s your needs. You can install an outdoor fireplace so your alfresco dining and outdoor living can continue into the night and the next season. You can locate it on the edge of a patio, against a wall, or even in a

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Great Curb Appeal Welcomes Family, Friends, and You!

Curb appeal…does your house have it? It’s that charm that makes people take a second look and welcomes family and friends. If your front yard is inviting it will help guide your guests on how to enter your house, and even park their cars. Create a winding or straight hardscape walkway or sidewalk from the curb to the front porch with stepping stones, concrete, flagstone, pavers, or brick. Add a stone or brick courtyard for a place to meet and sit with family and friends. Color, texture, fragrance, and even a little whimsy, can make the trip to your welcome

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Stone is the Best Outdoor Material for Minneapolis

Using natural stone has numerous benefits as a building material, distinct from the sometimes less expensive, or more accommodating man-made materials. Unlike synthetic building materials, stone will not break down over time or decompose anytime soon. While it can be difficult to manage, once fit into place,  it will last for generations, and give the mark of distinction to everyone who visits. While stone will cost a little more up front, but you will recover these costs with the zero-maintenance that comes along with it. Even if you decide to redesign the living space sometime later, you can still reuse

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