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How to Determine the Best Fencing Options for Your Property

The right fencing option will enhance your outdoor living space. There are several factors to consider when selecting the best fence for your property, so let’s start there. Function: What does the fence need to do Restrictions: Where can you build it Materials: What is in the budget and easy to maintain Style: Which fence will look best on your property What are You Keeping In or Out? The first step in choosing a fence is to figure out its main purpose. Do you need to keep something in, such as pets or small children? Do you need to keep something out? Such as

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How the Right Fence Adds Curb Appeal to Your Home

Curb appeal is important not least for adding extra value to your home, but also for giving off the right impression to your neighbors. Your home is an extension of yourself, and if it’s shabby and rundown, people are going to assume the same about you. First impressions matter, science tells us that, and once they are formed, it’s relatively hard to change them. Create an amazing first impression by using beautiful fencing to enhance your home, to border the house and to add the extra ‘wow’ factor that makes potential homebuyers giddy. Breaks Up the Front Yard If the house

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Taking Your Outdoor Gathering Spot to the Next Level with Phantom Screens

After a long week, there is almost nothing better than the serenity of relaxing outdoors.  Also, we can all relate to the satisfaction of entertaining friends and family in our homes, to celebrate events, or for low-key dinners and gatherings. As appealing as outdoor space can be, many factors prevent this type of enjoyment. Nobody wants to accept an invitation which includes food, only to end up being the meal for insects.  Also, nothing will stop an outdoor picnic or party faster than rain, the wind or even extreme sun. It is hard to plan events outside as well, because weather

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Top Fencing Ideas for Outdoor Privacy 

Setting up a fenced-in area for your yard all comes down to one factor which is the most crucial in the matter: security. While aesthetic appeal is certainly a plus when it comes to attracting the admiration of the neighborhood, beauty isn’t enough to keep out intruders or other unwanted obstructions. Before buying a home with a fence around the perimeter or setting up one on your own, consider whether such a fence would be effective in protecting your precious home without creating an eyesore for those passing by your home. Depending on where you live, doing this may not

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A Brand New Walkway as the Entrance to Your Backyard Xanadu

Your backyard is a romantic sanctuary—a private garden filled with calming fountains and green, fertile landscaping. But first impressions matter. To fully enjoy your paradise, the entrance must provide a smooth transition from the inside of your home to the inner sanctum of your backyard. The right walkway connects one area of your backyard to another and guides you and your guests into the heart of your landscaping. Planning the right path for a walkway takes careful consideration of the space. Consider the following when planning a new walkway project. Respect the Natural Flow Before building a walkway, it’s important

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Living Fences Versus Traditional Fencing

Unlike traditional fencing, living fences utilize shrubs, trees, and tall plants to create a fencing effect. Acting as a natural barrier, a living wall complements gardens and lawn spaces while preserving the natural scenery of your garden. A living fence can be made from an informal hedgerow or carefully trained plants that grow on top of hidden platforms and awnings. Living Fences Versus Traditional Fencing One of the main benefits of a living fence is that it does not take away from the scenery in your back and front yard, complementing the landscape. However, there is usually a bit of

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