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Landscaping – Unique Benefits of Planning that Special Project

Perhaps you’ve been imagining that brand new deck or beautifully landscaped garden. Having that vision is just the first step. To make that dream a reality, you need to properly plan and design that special project. Projects Take Time This may seem like an obvious statement, but if you want to enjoy your new deck this summer you can’t wait until July to start on it. There are many aspects of a project where time is a major factor. Determining how long you have to complete the project is the first step. Going back to our summer deck example, you may need

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3 Main Reasons Your Foundation Walls are Leaking and What to Do About It

It can be slow and somewhat subtle at first, but water leaking through your foundation walls can be precipitant. And it can dramatically affect the well-being of your home, and all of you living in it! Water Always Has Physics on its Side You may not like it, but it’s a reality. Water just has a way of finding its way through the smallest of places. And your foundation walls are a popular venue for water movement. There are three common causes for foundation wall leaks: 1) Contraction – this is the shrinking effect that takes place if your cement in

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Using Big Stone Boulder Walls to Add Backyard Depth

Boulder walls are just that – an interface made with hardscape, typically oversized stones or boulders. They can be utilized for practical reasons or as a method to accentuate aspects of your backyard. Even though some walls may look like they were just thrown together, a boulder can be surprisingly meticulous to install. But once the stones have settled, most walls do not need much additional maintenance. The Benefits of a Boulder Wall A boulder wall has the potential to add to your home’s value, especially if they’re used as a retaining wall. It adds versatility to the open space

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Designing Sustainable Landscapes

Sustainable landscaping has been around for quite some time but is gaining popularity in residential areas. A sustainable landscape can help clean the air and water, increase energy efficiency, restore habitats, and contribute to the health of a community and future generations. Although some aspects of sustainable landscaping may sound complex, many of them are easy to manage and often require little to no maintenance. Here are some ideas for designing a sustainable landscape in your yard: Starting Out Small Some homeowners become overwhelmed when it comes to designing landscapes because the opportunities seem endless and often it’s true. If

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Avoid These Mistakes by Having a Landscape Design Plan

While DIY projects are a great way to make you feel involved in the maintenance and beautification of your home, they are not without risk. Some projects are inherently dangerous, while others are deceptively difficult. One of the most common DIY projects for homeowners in Minnesota is landscaping and gardening to improve the curb appeal of their home or to make their backyard more usable. While it seems as simple as planting a few bushes, landscaping is a much more complicated process than many DIYers might think. A professional landscape design will help you eliminate mistakes while giving you a

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Water and Drainage Solutions for Your Landscape and Property

Living in a state, with the nickname “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” many Minnesotans know that living near water can be fun, but also a hassle when it comes to your yard. You don’t even need to live near a body of water to experience drainage issues, particularly during a rainy summer. Excess standing water can result in a number of issues from a soggy lawn which makes for a breeding ground for mosquitos to threats to the foundation of your home. Here are some water and drainage solutions for your landscape and property: The Dangers of Drainage Issues If you

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