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Architectural Landscape Elements For Function and Beauty

Adding architectural landscape elements to a residential environment instantly distinguishes it. The investment may be moderate but the uncommon talent required to design and construct these unique elements is greatly valued. There are many options for outdoor utilitarian elements like fences, gates, walls, sheds, etc., that not only serve their intended purposes but add elegance and interest to your back yard. When choosing building materials most purists will insist that wood is the gold standard. There’s nothing that adds warmth and natural beauty like wood. Composite materials may need less maintenance, but some will argue that they can lack character

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Exotic Looking Plants for Your Minnesota Property

Many people think of the cold, Midwest flyover state of Minnesota as an uninhabitable, tundra-like landscape. Contrary to popular belief, this is far from the truth. Minnesota is home to thousands of beautiful plant species. Many of these native species attract pollinators, like the austere Monarch butterfly. Adding an exotic-looking flower, grass, shrub, or tree species can enhance the allure of your property’s landscape. Exotic Looking, Not Invasive Before planting exotic looking plants in your Minnesota landscape, we must denote the difference between exotic looking plants and actual exotic, invasive species. According to the National Wildlife Foundation: “An invasive species

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11 Flowers Fitting for a Minnesota Summer

Why is Gardening Important? Many homeowners end up choosing gardening as a hobby because it not only adds to the aesthetic of your property and keeps it looking nice, but also comes with a lot of benefits for the environment and your health. Incorporating gardening into your lifestyle is an excellent form of exercise, relieves stress, and is a great way to bring family and friends together. Avid gardeners have reported many health benefits:  Reduce Risk of Stroke Burns Calories Controls High Blood Pressure Decreases Likelihood of Osteoporosis Mood Booster Strengthens Immune System Adding unique garden plantings to your property

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What You Need To Know About The Soil Beneath Your Landscape

  Did you know that the root system of many plants far outweighs what is above ground? Turfgrass is a prime example, with nearly 90% of the weight being below ground level.  Disregarding what’s happening below the surface of landscapes is a common mistake. Experts will tell you that it is where they go first to solve problems. Soils are part of a larger ecosystem that provides plants with everything they need to thrive in conditions ranging from sun-drenched, steamy summers to the sub-zero winters we experience here in Minnesota. This includes getting air and water to plants while also

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How The Best Landscape Designs Are Planned

  The best landscape designs share one quality with great writing, they are planned. Every piece of writing starts with a controlling idea or purpose and so should your landscape design. The power of a controlling idea is that it becomes a filter for what works. It guides what to leave in and what to leave out so that everything fits. Before screenplays are written they are pitched to a studio. The executives typically come to a fast yes or no. There are millions and millions of dollars at stake and it all rests on understanding and liking the central

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Landscaping Is More Important Than Ever

  The changes the world is facing have everyone off-balance these days. They are adapting to new ways of living, working, and socializing. People scrambled to catch up with changes and did, and many of those new ways are going to stick. The most obvious one is spending more time at home. People’s priorities have changed for sure. It may be a while until they feel comfortable taking that dream trip to Europe. The alternative may be investing in outdoor living spaces that promise to elevate the current lifestyle to suit that new reality. It helps to step back and

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