Add MN Butterfly Gardens to Attract Natural Beauty to Your Yard

For a touch of natural beauty in a yard, nothing beats birds and butterflies.  The Minneapolis area has plenty of both.  Birds require plenty of care, but to attract butterflies, all you need are the right flowers.  Colorful butterflies are provide incredible natural beauty.  They however, do not show themselves very often. If you do not have the right attractants in your yard, then you might not see them much at all. By changing some of the things that are going on throughout the your yard, you can add the things that really attract the butterflies so you can enjoy their company and their beauty.

All you really have to do is find out the plants that caterpillars and adult butterflies like to feed on and you’re able to bring them all in for a delicious meal. They will not want to leave the area if you have both, since once those caterpillars become butterflies, they will still need food but they will know where to get it.

03mar09b2a15Butterfly gardens are able to go anywhere in your yard. You can have a wild spot for them to feast in the corner that is left unattended, or you can have a special space anywhere else. Even having a flower box on the window or a large container on your patio can invite butterflies over for a feast. The smallest spaces that you can think of can house caterpillars and butterflies.

Butterflies enjoy a wide variety of flowers, so the more sweet smelling and brightly colored plants you’re able to put in the area, the better. They will be attracted almost instantly to the beautiful colors and smells that are around them. With a variety of them, they will never want to leave and always have a different meal each day.  And you can even go a step further and install butterfly houses, much as you would have bird houses.  (You can visit this site for some ideas.)

Butterfly gardens are habitats which means you’re able to grow them and give them life all in one area. You will need help designing the space for these creatures to go, and here at ALD, we have experience with designing attractive gardens and choosing the ideal plants. Give us a call to find out how we are able to help you attract those beautiful creatures right to your yard. We are the MN licensed landscaper for the area.