Borrow Scenery Beyond Your Boundaries: Plan Now To Make Small Yards Appear Larger

A small space doesn’t need to have the feeling of being confined even though obvious boundaries can make a space appear restricted. We can help by building fences, retaining stone walls, and plantings with imagination that do both the job of defining your space or yard and expand it. You can obscure boundaries and give a larger feel by several methods. Simple masses of green in your landscape plan can easily blur the distinction between your garden and the neighboring properties when your carefully crafted plan includes the right trees, shrubs, or vines.

If you have boundaries that are really obvious, like all the lots on your street are the same size or the houses are a variation of the same style, you can obscure the boundaries by implying that more lies beyond. You might want to construct a stone walk or pathway that disappears around the bend by a corner of the garden. The path might actually be ending just out of your line of sight behind the shrubbery, but the feeling that it still seems to lead to some part of the garden won’t immediately be seen.

Borrowing scenery is another way our landscape designers at Architectural Landscape Design can expand the borders of your Minnesota garden visually. We’ll use the attractive structures or plantings of your neighbors next door or the views in the distance, and incorporate it in your landscaping plans. If there is a grove of trees or a rolling hillside, we’ll frame that with plantings so it becomes part of your yard and extends the view. If there is a majestic tree that promises beautiful fall color year after year, we’ll maybe plan to plant smaller trees in front of it so that the entire planting appears to be in your garden.

If you are interested in expanding your boundaries call our Minneapolis landscape design group today on 952-292-7712 today!