Big Under Deck Spaces Make Bold Outdoor Rooms

If your home has an above-ground deck, there is valuable space beneath it. But unless you take the steps to unlock that value, such as waterproofing it to protect the space below, its functionality will remain limited. Getting that space finished with a new underdecking system can transform it into additional outdoor and indoor living space that will enhance your lifestyle and increase the value of your home.

Plan To Maximize Under Deck Possibilities

When homes are built the infrastructure for expansion is hidden behind walls, and sometimes within concrete slabs. Your under deck space is fully accessible, and if you plan accordingly, you will maximize current and future possibilities that require protection from the weather, water, heating and cooling, light, and access to the latest smart home technology. To get started with that planning, start with the end in mind by considering the features that will give your family the greatest pleasure.

#1. Outdoor Kitchen.

Cooking outdoors is a popular alternative when weather permits. The advantage of your under deck space is the protection from the elements. Now you can cook in rainy and even snowy conditions we are accustomed to here in Minnesota. You’ll want to consider these features and improvements.
  • Supplemental heating and cooling
  • Outdoor grills made from grade 304 stainless steel
  • Registration and access to water
  • Drawers and cabinets
  • Tucked away trash containers
Your outdoor kitchen can include lots of features and functionality, depending on your space and budget. Features like food prep areas, sinks, and grills all contribute to the convenience. Some of the overlooked features are vented hoods with sufficient capacity. It’s usually best to have a vent that is slightly larger than the grill. Also, don’t overlook the need for ample counter space. While a sink is nice to have, many people consider extra counter space more important.

#2. Outdoor Dining

An underdeck dining area gives you just enough protection from the elements to make our dining experience pleasurable. You get to enjoy the more expansive experience of being in nature with the protection from sun and the benefit of added elements such as ceiling fans.

#3. Extra Storage

Your garage or outdoor storage area is the place for gardening tools, lawnmowers, and other necessities that are best stored away from where the family lives. Get the most from your under deck area by building storage for outdoor furniture, umbrellas, and accessories that are handy to have nearby your pool or deck and patio areas.

#4. Extended Pool Deck

If you have a backyard pool, your underdeck can function as a shady spot to cool and dry off. You can have an outdoor shower installed that can help keep your pool clean and reduce debris from being tracked inside. The shaded underdeck can be a great place to sit and watch the kids play in the pool too, providing space for you and your children to freely enjoy your respective activities.

#5. Protected Play Area

Even with a large backyard for them to romp in, kids might appreciate a covered outdoor spot when it’s raining. You’ll appreciate it too for safety if a storm is threatening. They can play games, have a campout, or enjoy other activities that keep them within closer supervision.
under deck patio

#6. Outdoor Great Room

An underdeck is a great area to just sit and relax. Enjoy your morning coffee or evening cocktail, read a book, take a cat nap – all in a comfortable and fresh environment. If you’re looking for more ways to relax in your new under deck space, take these ideas further by personalizing them. Some families are keen to add outdoor sound systems and television to their outdoor rooms. Of course, these will usually require Wifi capabilities.

Decorating the Under Deck Room

Just like your inside décor, decorating your underdeck should meet your personal preferences and the purpose of the space. Adding furnishings and other features to meet your goals can make a difference in the level of enjoyment it provides. A casual theme is usually the most sensible option for outdoor living. Furniture: The furniture you choose should be comfortable, yet durable enough to withstand the weather and outdoor elements. Make sure it’s made for the outdoors. Cushions should be comfortable, yet weather-resistant and waterproof. It’s a good idea to store cushions and pillows in a storage box when not in use to minimize fading and dirt. Cover the furniture in the off-season. Lighting: Add ceiling lights or wall sconces to brighten up the space. This lighting will allow for using the before dawn and after sunset. You can take it to another level with string lights or paper lanterns enjoy outdoor parties
Landscaping: Features that surround your underdeck should complement the rest of your yard. Shrubs or lawn structures are great options for improving and complementing its aesthetics. You can also add planters with flowers or hanging baskets inside the underdeck for added beauty or fire features in the adjacent patio or lawn spaces. Architectural Features: In addition to fireplaces and firepits, you can enjoy the tranquil sounds of water with an electric fountain or a soothing water garden. Those investments often call for architectural landscape structures such as arbors or pergolas that further enhance and define the spacing, giving it the charm and character that makes it a focal point.

Extend Your Outdoor Living Space

If you’re looking to expand your living space while enjoying the outdoors, consider an underdeck room. It will provide many hours of pleasure and increase the value of your home too. If you want to enjoy that underdeck space all year long, make plans for converting it into a four-season room that can be enjoyed throughout our magnificent Minnesota winters.