Beautiful Cut Flowers: Care and Selection


A bouquet of cut flowers can make any room in a house beautiful and fresh as an indoor garden.  A good arrangement depends on cut flowers that are fresh and in good shape.

When you are making flower selections there are several things to consider. The freshest flowers work best and will last the longest. Smell the water or stems the flowers have been stored in when you are in the store. Check the condition of the stems of the flowers – they should be firm and green. If there is any indication of decay or slime, the flowers are not as fresh as they need to be. If any of the flowers are drooping or have broken stems, select another bunch.

The key to a good arrangement is to prepare the flowers correctly. Once you purchase the flowers, keep them cool until you get home. Start preparing the flowers by cutting an inch or two off the bottom while holding the stems under water. Your scissors and vases should be clean before each use. When you arrange your flowers make sure that leaves are removed so none are below the surface of the water.

Where you place your flower arrangements will make a difference. An arrangement should be placed out of drafts, direct sunlight, or extremely dry conditions. If you change the water every two days and make new cuts on the stems each time, you can prolong the life of the arrangements.

Some flowers offer longer bloom times than other flowers. A good choice is alstroemeria, as they typically bloom anywhere from six to fourteen days. Two flowers that are good choices and smell good are carnations and roses. Carnations can retain their blooms from seven to fourteen days while roses bloom from six to twelve days.

Cut flowers are a way to bring freshness indoors in the winter when outdoor gardens are dormant.  If you find you really love fresh-cut flowers in your home, perhaps it’s time to consider planting  cutting garden of your own!