6 Smart and Stylish Shade Solutions For Your Backyard

The sunshine is a welcome addition to any day, but when you want to enjoy your backyard on a hot Minnesota afternoon, a place with good shade is a must. Each home and outdoor living space has a different style and needs, so taking the time to look at all your shading options is key to creating a beautiful and functional backyard. Once you’ve found the perfect kind of shade, spending countless hours outside will be part of your daily routine.

Combine Beauty and Function

Each home is unique, and your property is no different. Your backyard will need its very own shading style to function well and create cohesion with the rest of your space. Finding the right solution for your home also comes with many benefits. Shading solutions will enable you to:

  • Ensure your loved ones stay safe from unwanted sun exposure
  • Make your backyard functional all year round
  • Give you a place to cool off, allowing you to spend more time outside
  • If located against the house, they can help cool the whole house down
  • Protect your outdoor areas from the elements, extending the life of the furniture 
  • Enhance the curb appeal and resale value of your home
  • Bring your backyard dreams to life

So here are six different options for you to find the perfect shade solution for the backyard of your dreams.

1. Pergola

A pergola has become a classic shading option for backyards. Its timeless look combined with steady effectiveness makes it a great solution. The open slats create an ideal outdoor environment by creating cool shade but not restricting light. You can choose from a variety of materials to design your perfect pergola.

Materials and colors can be matched to the style of your ideal outdoor living space. Pergolas are incredibly versatile, meaning you have the freedom to decorate and place it anywhere in your backyard. Vining plants are also a fantastic way to incorporate greenery into a pergola. 

2. Umbrella

If you can’t decide which part of your backyard you want to be shaded, an umbrella is a perfect choice for you. Some umbrellas can be moved around with ease and even come in a large variety of sizes and colors so they can match your style. Other umbrellas come with heavy braces so they can withstand heavy winds or storms.

This option protects you from not only the sun but also the occasional rain shower. Umbrellas are also affordable to start if you want to experiment with which part of your yard you want shaded. 

3. Retractable Awning

Everyone will fawn over this shading option. A retractable awning offers you the flexibility that permanent shading cannot. Depending on the time of day, weather, or what mood you’re in, you can choose between having the awning out or putting it away. They offer you perfect shade when they are out, and when closed, they tuck out of sight and mind. 

Many modern awnings also provide the ability to open and retract with the push of a button. You can even make a retractable awning fix your backyard aesthetic precisely by choosing from a wide range of styles, fabrics, and colors. Of course, with such a luxurious shade, your backyard oasis will need complementing patio furniture to match

4. Sail Shade

Sails aren’t just for boats anymore; now, you can use them to escape the sun. This shading solution is both practical and effective. While they traditionally come as triangles, you can also get square sail shades to stretch across whatever space you need. Sail shades can be attached to almost anything already in your yard. You can anchor them to:

  • The side of your house
  • Trees
  • Fencing
  • Deck or porch

You can also fully customize your shaded area by collaborating with an experienced landscaping team to put poles in the perfect spot to attach your sail shade. The possibilities are truly endless. 

5. Trees

If you’re not afraid of a long-term commitment to your home, trees are an excellent and natural source of shade for your backyard. When greenery is strategically selected and placed, the right tree will not only provide a lifetime of shade but also a range of benefits:

  • Contributes to the health of our environment
  • Improves the air quality around your home
  • Increases the value for future interested buyers

While waiting for your trees to grow, a low-cost option like an umbrella will provide immediate relief from the sun. 

6. Gazebo

Depending on your backyard’s size and style, you may want a shading option that is an entirely separate structure from the house. Whether it is out by a pool or down a pathway, a gazebo is a solid investment. You could choose a traditional look like wood or go modern with metal and fabric. 

Once you have a gazebo in the ideal spot, you’ll want to pair it with some outdoor furniture. Gazebos create great spaces for outdoor living rooms or outdoor dining rooms. And with the shade and shelter they provide, you’ll be able to enjoy the area for many months of the year. 

Create Your Dream Backyard Oasis With Shading Solutions

When you love the outdoors, nothing is worse than having to retreat indoors to cool off and escape the sun. In the heat of the Minnesota summer, give yourself the gift of more time outside with one of these intelligent and stylish shading solutions. With a wide variety of options available, you won’t have to sacrifice aesthetics or functionality. There is a perfect choice, just waiting to offer you some shade. 

Did one of these options speak to you? Reach out to us today, and our team will help you achieve the backyard of your dreams.