Avoid Water Problems: Shape Your Yard After Building A New Home

Newly constructed homes are often finished with yards that are flat or have steep slopes. A flat landscape can be subject to drainage problems that can lead to basement water problems or lawn areas where grass has a problem growing. A steep slopes can be hard to maintain and not usable for outdoor living or recreation.

If your yard is flat you can make it visually appealing by building landscape berms. If you have drainage problems you can eliminate them with a variety of solutions. Yard shaping projects should be done first before you get to decorative landscaping. Because if you build the new patio you want, it could be a wasted effort if you haven’t solved drainage problems in your yard.

There are several solutions that can resolve these possible problems. Our professional landscape designers can help you choose the best solutions for your landscape. These solutions can involve moving a lot of soil. We are experienced in picking the right solution and have the earth moving equipment and experience to aid you.

A landscape berm is basically a small hill with a gentle slope. It can solve a low lying spot, add visual appeal to a flat yard, block out unpleasant, and absorb sound from nearby traffic. It can be planted with grass or shrubs, trees, and flower plantings.

You can regrade or build a swale or dry creek bed. Rainwater can flow towards your house and into your basement if you don’t have the proper grade or slope or you can find yourself with a boggy area where grass and other plants won’t grow. Drainage swales and dry creeks are basically shallow ditches that carry water to a determined collection point. A swale is usually covered with sod and doesn’t stand out in the landscape. While a dry creek bed is filled with stone and functions as a visible landscape feature.

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