Autumn Colors in Planters Extends Vibrant Colors Into Winter

Planters provide opportunities to extend fall colors into winter when you combine them with the traditional greens of winter treetops. When the trees leaves go from green to yellow, orange, red and even purple, it’s easy to think that the next step is to create winter evergreen tree top planters for your home. Keeping the colors of fall combined with traditional spruce treetops can make dramatic and vibrant planters that will carry you through the winter months.

Containers are perfect for fall and winter because they don’t require any maintenance and they’re easy to put together. Think about placement for your inspiration – where will your planter sit? Hardscapes like your sidewalks, walkways, railings, and even your house will stand out more when your trees and plantings have lost their leaves. Take direction from your house –  you’ll want to pick materials and planters that complement your house and hardscapes and provide a unified feel. You can find small shrubs, and small trees that will hold their shape and color when the temperatures fall. Pick containers that can stand changes in temperatures like iron, thick plastic, or stone. Be cautious when using glazed pottery or terra cotta pots, even if they have been sprayed with sealants for clay and stone statuary; it’s doubtful that they will weather the winter, although some do.

The amount of material you need for your containers depends on the size. Start with fresh white or black spruce treetops put them in your containers or planters in a tight grouping. Divide the size of your pot by 2 to get the number of treetops necessary. So if your pot is 14″, you’ll divide by 2 to determine you need 7-9 tops. Re-cut the treetops before you put them in the soil in your pot. Once you get the container planted you’ll be watering it until the ground freezes. Red twig dogwood branches are a standout and help add contrast as are white birch logs, pine cones and other types of evergreen; and adding autumn colored real or artificial plant materials will make your container vibrant!

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