Atriums Add Captivating Space and Light to A House

Atriums are a popular addition to houses or a design feature because they add “a feeling of space and light.” An atrium typically is a large open space, sometimes several stories high that has a glazed roof. There are large windows also. They are either located right outside main entrance doors to a house or they are in the center of the house. They allow a homeowner to feel like they are outdoors all yearlong!

The famous Biltmore House in Asheville, North Carolina has one of the best examples of a wonderful atrium. While they are great additions to one’s house, there can be some issues if the initial assessment of the space’s needs isn’t performed correctly. The two main areas to review have to do with light and drainage.

The ALDM landscape designers and architects are experienced at building atriums. They work in the design phase to determine what rooms will face the atrium. They will incorporate the home’s architecture and the homeowner’s wish list of how the space will be used. In the planning step they investigate the light and drainage conditions that will affect construction.

What the atrium is used for can run the gamut; you may choose to fill yours with loose gravel, and a couple of favorite sculptures and a bench for meditation or serious thinking and enjoyment. Atriums can be quite formal paved with brick in a formal manner, or they can be informal. Atriums can be paved to create a courtyard, as long as drainage is provided. Plants can thrive in an atrium. The ALDM landscape designers will work with you. If you want to have “living” sculptures installing topiary frames and training climbing shade-loving vines over them.

The uses for atriums abound. You can use it for raising Japanese bonsai, running a model train, or simply using it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We can plan and install indoor and outdoor lighting that makes your atrium light up the night and your yard. Call us on 952-292-7717 today!