An Outdoor Home: The Gazebo

It’s not to early to start thinking about changing your landscaping to bring you more enjoyment next spring and summer.  When people think of ‘summer’, images of people on the gazebo kicking back with lemonade or celebrating the Fourth of July in a small town square spring to mind. This structure has been with us since before the time of George Washington, who had one at Mount Vernon.

Many homeowners have added gazebos to their back yard. Many stores sell kits to make these charming shelters, enabling anyone to put one together with their own hands.  These charming structures don’t need to be made out of traditional materials. Gazebos and their kits come in vinyl, aluminum, many types of wood and various wood composites. Depending on the choice of material, the gazebo can be painted or stained in any way the homeowner desires.

For folks who would like one of these but still savor their space, there are kits available for a temporary gazebo. These just involve adding fabric to the metal frame before company arrives.  “Amish gazebos” are available as well. These structures are pre-made by the Amish craftsmen and shipped directly to residences for installation. All the homeowner would need is a flat piece of ground, leveled crushed stone, or a cement slab.

Although there’s no need for a floor outside of the ground on which it stands, the gazebo can have raised flooring with decorative floor boards or a basic, unadorned deck. The supportive posts can boast ornate carvings or be simple pillars. The same goes for the bottom section of the structure. Screens are also an option to keep bugs down to a minimum.

There’s also the ability to wire the gazebo for electricity, so lights, fans or music players can be used without batteries. Of course, seating can either be built into the walls or lawn furniture can be used.  Roofing can be designed after curved roofs or straight roofs, and can use tiles or wooden shakes. Many people add a weather-vane to add a bit more personality.

Structures such as patios, outdoor kitchens, and gazebos allow for more outdoor living in your yard.  This wonderfully diverse structure will add an extra note of home to the outdoors and provide summer time memories for the entire family.