An All-Natural, Beautiful MN Landscape Design with Flagstone

2013-11-04_1237Are you looking for an idea to add a unique touch to your landscape?  Hardscaping – custom designed for your home – is one of the best ways to do that.  Hardscaping involves adding masonry or other surfaces to replace or accent part of a lawn.  One of the most long-lasting and durable materials out there to use for this purpose is flagstone.

Why flagstone?  For one thing, it gives off a rustic, yet rugged appearance wherever it is placed. Flagstone is sandstone and is categorized within the quartz family. It can come in numerous colors such as gray, yellow, blue and many others. By placing this type of material down you’re able to create a unique appearance to any landscape or structure.

Flagstone Works Well For Providing Natural  Accents Around the Home and in the Walkways

The flagstones that are placed in walkways and patios are generally an irregular shape, but they can be cut to the desired shape if needed. Even though they can be cut, many people prefer to have the irregular shapes placed throughout their walkways.  It’s a more natural and visually pleasing look.

It is ideal that the stones go two to three inches into the ground and space be left in between each of the stones down the walkway. This space is generally filled using complementing sand, gravel or rocks. Grass or ground cover is another option that can be grown in between each of the rocks. We can work with you to determine which will work best for your yard and your preferences.

A professional design for laying down a walkway or flagstone patio should be done first, since the actually installation of the walkway can be time-consuming and require a lot of work. The stones are heavy, and if they are not carefully placed in the wanted areas, they can be difficult to move.  Having a good design ahead of time will make the work go more smoothly and end up with a more attractive result.

By working with a professional company, you’re able to come up with a design that fits the look of your home and landscape. Here at Architectural Landscape Design, we are able to help you with everything.  As a creative Minneapolis landscape company we can assist you with the entire process of adding flagstone spaces to your yard – from choosing the type of stone to designing and even the installation. The fall is the perfect time to have your walkway installed before the cold Minneapolis winter hits.  It’s also not too early to start planning your landscape projects for next spring!