Alternatives to Expensive Fencing for Your MN Yard

06jun13c3a14Landscape fencing serves many purposes – privacy, safety, containment, aesthetics, and more.  If you’re shopping for fencing materials – whether it’s to keep the neighbors from seeing in or keeping those pesky rabbits out – depending on the material, fencing can be quite expensive.

Keep in mind that these costs are usually due to the fact that some of those fences are able to last quite some time. But if you’re on a tight budget, here are some absolutely gorgeous, and affordable fencing alternative ideas that can be used instead.

Bamboo Fencing

This is a beautiful material on its own. You wouldn’t normally think to add this in or around your yard as a fence, but it can prove to be a good one and one that looks great too. It gives off a natural look and is sturdy, so you can expect it to hold up for quite some time. If you go to an area where it is grown, you will notice that it’s extremely affordable.  That’s because bamboo is a quickly-growing plant.

Brushwood Fencing

This is a different looking fence idea, but it can work and it can make your backyard look entirely different, as well. You are able to find many different types of brushwood that is able to be put together to create a thic06jun13b2a14k, long-lasting fence for around your home. You can even collect it right from your own yard.  You may also be able to obtain it from sites that collect and process brush for mulch.

Recycled Iron

Recycled iron fencing can be a neat alternative to boring wood fences.  Metal can be bent in a variety of shapes.  It’s generally easy to find and affordable.  And metal can be spray-painted if you choose to add some color or match your home’s trim.

Stone Walls for Fencing

06jun13d4a14You may think of stone in terms of retaining walls, but stone also makes great natural-looking fences.  A stone wall fence gives the look of the past; along with rough wood, it was commonly used long before modern fencing materials came into being.  It can be quite beautiful surrounding your property. The rocks need to be rather large, and they should be secured with some sort of mortar or cement.  Be creative and have fun. The best part with a stone wall fence is that it is affordable to just about anyone.  This is a terrific option if you live in an area where large stones abound around your property or they can be had cheaply.

Here at Architectural Landscape Design, we are a MN landscaping contractor that is able to help you with the fencing needs that you have. We can give you numerous other ideas depending on your budget and needs. Consider some of these Fantastic Fences on our Pinterest board if you’re looking for some inspiration.  There are fences available in a variety of price ranges and styles.  If it’s time to add fencing to your yard, give us a call today for a free consultation.  We can help you find the right fencing for your home.  952.292.7717.