Adding Some "Sizzle" With Fireplaces and Fire Pits to Light Up Your Night

Does the thought of seeing dancing flames and hearing a fire “sizzle” on a cool night or day warm you up? You can build fires in your backyard in the spring, fall, and winter, and yes even on a cool summer night.
You can add an outdoor fireplace to an exterior wall of your house or place one on the patio. Or you can build a fire pit. You can take the chill off on a spring or fall night and welcome people to your home on a winter night by adding a fire element.
Our MN designers and landscape architects have a lot of experience in designing fireplaces and fire pits with many options. We can check on any local regulations to determine if there are any use restrictions where you live, such as clearance requirements of an open flame from combustible surfaces and structures.
We can build you a fireplace or fire pit from brick or natural stone that either uses wood or gas. A freestanding fire pit built above the ground serves as an informal gathering place with seating even when it’s not “fired up”. You can add a cover so when it’s not in use it functions as a table for entertaining. Or best yet add some “sizzle” to a night and invite family and friends over for marshmallows and s’mores. Or you can build it flush with your patio so you can cover it with a lid once the fire is out. Adding cooking grates for barbecuing is another plus.
Whatever your choice fireplaces and fire pits offer another focal point for your yard year around. They’ll  increase the pleasure you’ll find in your yard and add to the value of your property. Welcome nightfall to your yard with a little “sizzle” contact us on 952-292-7710.