Adding a Waterfall to Your MN Backyard Landscaping

05may14b2a14When it comes to adding beauty and quiet to your garden or other areas of your yard, think about having a MN landscaping contractor install a waterfall.  There are many ways that a waterfall can benefit you and your yard. You’re able to add many different other qualities to the surrounding area with ferns, shrubs and trees. Waterfalls can be wonderful touches for a landscape plan, but they are definitely not a DIY project; when it comes to adding a waterfall, you should speak with a professional landscaper that is able to add one to your yard.

The Waterfall Setting

You need to think about where a waterfall would look the best in your yard. You should want it to blend in with the scenery while also being a comfortable area to sit beside. These waterfalls are usually run through a hose that is connected to it. You can also add the waterfall to the pond or other body of water that you have in your yard with a recirculating pump. There should be an overflow section for you to ensure that you catch the water. The waterfall can be made from many different types of natural stone that will look beautiful in just about any landscape.

Usually the landscaper that installs your waterfall will show you how to use it – how to turn on and off. You want to make sure that you add the necessary foliage around the waterfall so it stands out but looks natural within the rest of the landscape. Add smaller decorations around the outside of the waterfall, as well as lights if you want show off the tranquility of the waterfall at night.

Backyard waterfall designs are almost endless.  There are even small self-contained units that can be placed on a patio.  Choosing to work with a Minneapolis MN landscape contractor can provide you with some more ideas on where you should place this waterfall and also make sure that you get the most out of it. There are many waterfall ideas that may work for your Minneapolis area yard; check out our Pinterest Water Features board for more ideas.