Add Landscape Pizzazz with Garden Structures: Fences, Trellis, Gazebos, Arbors

If you want to add some landscape pizzazz to your yard nothing beats knockout flowering shrubs like hydrangas and annual and perennial flowers! But, to set off the plants and give your garden some shape you’ll need some garden structures. A partially enclosed garden structure can be a refuge and provide shade during the day and a quiet respite at night.

Fences and trellises can be used to create seperate outdoor living rooms in a backyard. Low wide walls made of natural stone or concrete can provide seating. Spas or hut tubs, outdoor kitchens, decks, or a series of decks and platforms can bring the comfort and ambience of indoor rooms. Garden structures are some of the most costly parts of any garden so you want to plan them with care.

Gazebos, arbors, and overheads arches help by adding shelter, privacy and support for beautiful climbing vines. Arbors are lattice work covered by shrubs or vines. They can be attached to a house wall or roof, or be freestanding.Gazebos are free-standing roofed structures that are usually open on the side or screened. Some have glass wall inserts so they double as conservatories for part of the year. They are usually six or eight sided and have sloping rafters that join in a central hub at the roof peak.

There is a wide range of materials to choose from that offer a lot of flexibility in terms of your taste, needs, and budget. At Architectural Landscape  Design, our MN landscape designers can help you make the right choices that are perfect for you.

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