A Shade Tree Can be a Best Friend in Your Minneapolis MN Landscape

04apr21b2a14Are there trees around you Minneapolis yard?  Trees are almost an essential MN landscape design item.  When it comes to finding shelter or shade, a tree can be your best friend, no matter what your age. This is the place that you would run to as a child to seek out these things or even bring your friends for a play date. This can be where memories are made and dreams begin.  And as an adult, you can relax in the shade and enjoy your favorite book or music, or perhaps just reminisce.

There are also many benefits to having shade trees in your yard, such as energy savings and adding value to the home. You’re able to gather with friends and family under one of the trees in the yard and create everlasting memories for years to come and allow your children to do the same. Maples, elms and oaks are some of the more common choices for shade trees for Minneapolis area yards, but there are also some distinctive choices you can make as well.

Colorful Trees to Add Shade to Your MN Yard

Ginkos are beautiful trees that stand out from all the rest due to their characteristic fan shaped leaves. The dwarf versions are able to reach up to 15 feet tall and provide a wide overlay in the yard to hide and seek shelter under; this makes them ideal for small lots.  The full-grown, adult trees can reach 30 to 40 feet in height. These wise-looking mature trees turn a golden yellow before losing their leaves.

Forest Pansy Redbud trees have small pink flowers that come in the spring time and are beautiful to look at. Later on in the year, you’ll see a deeper shade of purple clusters. These trees are able to reach between 20 and 25 feet tall. This is a tree that always changes, which makes it a dramatic addition to any yard.

The Japanese Snowbell is a beautiful tree at any time of the year. It is elegant with white flower blooms all over it. It grows very slowly and puts off a wonderful fragrance. It only reaches around 20 to 30 feet while full grown but still provides a beautiful area to gather.

If you’re choosing a shading tree for your yard, why not ask a professional MN landscape design company what they think would be a great addition? We here at Architectural Landscape Design can help you choose the best tree to go with your yard and your home. You can be sure to get the best look and feel out of your yard after we are done.  Now offering free initial consultations – call today to get on our schedule.  (952) 292-7717.