A Quiet Corner: Outdoor Living Spaces

There was a time in many parts of America, where using the outdoors for the dual purposes of dining and entertaining just wasn’t done. In rural America many people working on farms often stopped for a mid day “dinner” under the shade of the trees. But it was more for gaining the sustenance needed for the rest of the day’s work, not entertainment. You worked outdoors and you rested and lived indoors.

Now the garden can mean more than a vegetable or flower garden. It is a place or space to spend time on patios, pools, and decks, too. Now the term “Outdoor Rooms” has come to mean spaces that people use as outdoor living rooms.

If you have a good sized yard or a small suburban backyard it can be absolutely delightful to find a little nook and make it in to an outdoor living space. Our MN landscape designers and architects can help with a little landscaping to make a place for you to wander, reflect and gather for quiet chats or full scale entertaining.

Is there a space in your yard that you find yourself drawn to? We can create an outdoor “room” by enclosing a lawn with plantings, and adding some hardscapes; like pavers and patios, or stone retaining wall built into a bank, to gain more level space. If a European-style water garden or fountain is one of your ideas we can incorporate it and your other ideas into the plan.  Soon, it’s a table and chairs for dining or reclining, a built-in stone barbecue or fireplace and fire pit, for easy cooking, and a gazebo to sit and listen to the rain on the roof. You can add stone or brick walkways that lead to the different areas. Or add paths that direct you to more rooms with a pool, a birdbath, an arbor, or a rock or flower garden.

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