A Private Yard Equals Peace of Mind

The peace of mind a yard offers is often a result of how much privacy a yard affords the homeowners. Start by being your own private eye, look around your yard. What do you want and need for privacy? Check it out from all angles. Go inside and consider your needs from that vantage point. When you stand at your kitchen sink, are you looking into a neighbor’s window or looking at their siding? If you need privacy at a window, planting evergreens won’t leave you exposed even in the winter. Window boxes can also screen your window from onlookers plus improve the view.

Go out into your yard sit in different locations around your yard, are there intimate and open spaces? Is the neighbor’s noise bothering you? Think of what will make you feel most comfortable in your yard. If your needs for privacy are met you will spend more time outdoors, enjoying all your yard has to offer.

Making plans? Our MN landscape designers and architects can help create the privacy your yard requires. We can help you in deciding the fence type, location, materials, and height that could work. Solid backyard fences offer complete privacy, but sometimes all that’s needed is a privacy screen for sunbathing, or a partially screening fence for fountains or seating areas. Where you only want to screen some views, say the air conditioner unit, we can offer solutions that include tall ornamental grasses, lacy bushes, or latticed panels or fences.

Solving the problem or noise nuisance from the street or other neighbor’s yards can be resolved with adding trees or shrubbery that  add insulation or windbreaks. Or adding water features like waterfalls, streams, and fountains that through the sound of splashing water help mask the noise.

We can help you develop your privacy plan to create complete or partial privacy, set aside areas for different uses, conceal unattractive areas, and minimize noise and wind. Call 952-292-7712 for a free one hour no commitment consultation.