A Plan for a Fountain: To Fountain or Not to Fountain

Why would you want to plan for a fountain today? Don’t they take large volumes of water? First of all any time of year is a great time to plan for a fountain. The amount of water used can be controlled by the plan you make. What remains constant is that the sound of trickling or running water is always soothing and adds a sense of movement in the garden.

Fountains were first built in the early days of civilization. They were strictly functional then. They were first built to enclose natural springs. A fountain was the place to go to get clean drinking water for people and their animals.

As time went by people learned to channel water into the places where they lived. The town fountain became a place to gather water, find the news of the day, etc. Today water is still used as a way to wash away troubles and add sound and movement to physical landscapes. There are a wide variety of styles of fountains that guarantee that you will find the right size and style to work for you. At Architectural Landscape Design, our designers are experienced in fountain and water feature designs.

In ancient Greece they harnessed the natural springs by building columnar shrines over the springs and dedicating them to nymphs or deities. Going to the local spring each day was part of normal housekeeping for Greek women. In ancient Rome, natural springs had utilitarian fountains built around them to make them easy to use. It was here that the wealthy started to create their own baths and fountains at their estates.

Later in the 16th and 17th centuries, building fountains became a hobby for the wealthy throughout all of Europe. We can help you design a fountain that will increase your enjoyment in your home call Architectural Landscape Design Minneapolis at 952-292-7717.