8 Ways Boulderscaping Can Transform Your Yard

Have you ever noticed the beauty of a waterfall? Much of the splendor comes from the stones over which the water runs. Stones are extremely adaptable when used in your landscaping, whether or not they’re included in a water feature. They can add visual and physical structure. Big stone boulder work can be a focal point or a border. Stones can add versatility to a vertical landscape.

When you’re using stone in your landscape design, look local. Locally sourced stone is environmentally friendly and can save you money. Basalt is a volcanic rock that’s often used in landscaping. It can be drilled, sawed and carved to fit into any environment. Basalt columns and boulders add a natural elegance to your outdoor space. Houzz shows some creative ways to include basalt rocks in your landscaping.

Work Stones into Hillside Gardens

If you live on an embankment, you may get frustrated at the soil and mulch that slides around with every rainstorm. Perhaps the most obvious way to use stone work in a hillside landscape is in a retaining wall.

A retaining wall holds in soil and landscape material on a slope. This type of wall can also level out an uneven yard. Large stones are necessary for holding in large areas on steep slopes. However, they also look decorative and add natural interest to your yard.

Create New Beds

Stones can be used as borders for raised garden beds. Raised beds can drain better than in-ground gardens. They may resist weeds more efficiently. They also serve as focal points. Stones provide a clearly delineated transition between the garden and the lawn. This can make trimming around the garden easier.

Add Dimension to Low-Maintenance Gardens

Installing a garden using native plants can be a low-maintenance way to increase your curb appeal. Amplify it even more by adding boulders to the mix. The contrast between the soft plants and the hard stone adds dimension.

The stone should complement the existing surroundings. Also, boulders have several faces. Arranging them with their best face forward, so to speak, can make the difference between effective boulderscaping and adding a pile of rocks to your yard.

Build A Monument

Commercial spaces can benefit from custom stonework. A monument can draw attention to your business. A stone sign can be dramatic.

Engrave a large stone to make a natural sign that attracts the eye but still complements the existing landscape. A custom stone monument or sign lasts almost forever.

Create A Fireplace

There’s nothing like gathering around the fire on a chilly night. Many memories will be made by a cozy fireplace. Customize your fireplace for your unique landscape.

Will you be cooking in your fireplace? Will you need to surround it with guests? Will it be used to provide heat?

A pre-made fireplace may not fit well into the surroundings. Use custom stonework to build the perfect fireplace for your yard.

Make It Functional With Furniture

When you’ve put so much effort into designing the perfect outdoor space, it can be challenging to find furniture that fits in perfectly. What looks amazing in a catalog can appear lackluster once it’s in your space.

Custom stone furniture is unique and harmonizes with your landscape. You can also be sure that your neighbor doesn’t have the same table.

Minnesota is visited by just about every type of weather. Stone furniture is durable and will withstand freezing winters and hot, humid summers. Plastic becomes brittle over time. Metal becomes intensely hot in the sun. Wood needs regular sealing and staining.

Stone doesn’t fade, warp or change in texture. It may weather the environment better than any other material.

Pave the Way

Have you ever hiked up a hill or down to a riverbed and noticed how the stones create a natural staircase? They hold in the dirt and give you a place to rest your feet. Large boulders can be used in much the same way in your landscape. Create vertical transitions that don’t detract from the natural beauty of your yard.

Try A Water Feature

We mentioned waterfalls at the beginning of this article. Stone stands out marvelously when used in a water feature. Have you ever been mesmerized by a babbling brook? The sound of a fountain can bring that same peace to your backyard.

The visual effect of water traveling over stone is hypnotic. Whether it’s a large central water feature or a small birdbath tucked into a garden, a custom fountain can transform your backyard. Boulders that surround a pond create a tranquil place where you can enjoy the outdoors. Consider these tips when choosing rocks for your waterfall.

Improving your landscaping can add almost 30% to your home’s value, according to House Logic. Adding boulders is an ideal way to do it without having to put in the money and effort for maintenance.