7 Economical Ideas for Your Outdoor Gathering Space

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Homeowners know the relevance of outdoor spaces for social events, with the front and backyard being favorite spots. However, outdoor gathering spaces take a backseat to other renovation projects directly dealing with the home. Learn how you can get back your yard and make it welcoming again without breaking the bank.

Customization Ideas for Your Outdoor Spaces

If you’re running short on ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll outline a few ways for you to enhance your gathering space without breaking the bank in the process.

1. Use Different, Distinct Themes

Installing an additional paver with complementary furniture can create a different aesthetic to the rest of the front or backyard. Glow in the dark gravel can be used on the driveway, adding a supernal feel. Gathering areas will look like you’ve spent a lot of money on them, when all you did was change up the scenery a bit with a few affordable accent pieces and installments.

2. Instant Curb appeal with an Upgraded Mailbox.

It doesn’t matter if you have a traditional mailbox that juts into the road or one that is mounted on your house, customizing your mailbox is not only the first thing that the mailman will see, but also one of the first features that will be noticed by visitors and neighbors.

Upgrading your mailbox is relatively cheap, with most installations and customization options being less than $100. It’s important that you follow proper regulations when installing and customizing your mailbox. In most jurisdictions in Minnesota, you can revamp your mailbox with a swing away design or even a tractor wheel. Check with your local mail agency before making permanent changes.

3. Make Your Yard More Inviting with Inexpensive Plants

Emerald arborvitae, gold mop cypress, and hedge holly are popular, low maintenance plants that can add texture to your outdoor spaces. If you want something that requires a bit more dedication, then consider installing small, flowering trees. Popular options include the dogwood tree with its unique pink flowers or the Cherry tree that grows white flowers on branches that grow wider than taller, naturally providing shade.

4. Customize Your Porch

Porches are easily characterized as a social hotspot – you can interact with neighbors, pour a cold drink, chit chat with people passing by, and invite friends over to enjoy the summer breeze.

Customize this area with different seating options that still complement each other. Accessories like an easy chair or hammock will give your outdoor spaces a welcoming and modern feel. Enclose the porch to make it a four-season feature. Insulated walls and a ceiling fan now make the porch a social gathering space year-round.

5. Take Advantage of Solar Powered Accessories

You have the option of using tiki torches and candles to add accent lighting to your outdoor spaces.

But why not take advantage of the free energy around you with solar powered accessories? Solar powered LED lights can add a delicate touch to patio and seating areas. Most modern solar powered LED lights use a small solar panel that is recharged via a battery. These environmentally-friendly lights can be strewn on your trees, across furniture, or even used to create a pathway.

6. Make a Statement with Gravel

Gravel is a popular choice as accent item in French and Italian gathering spaces – it’s charming, organic, and there are a variety of colors for you to choose from. You can join larger pieces like flagstone to create a stepping stone, or use smaller pebbles for edging material to keep surrounding grass from encroaching on parts of your yard.

7. A Fire Pit Without the Commitment

A budget fire pit is an excellent way of experimenting before investing in a traditional fire pit. It’s important to install the fire pits on non-flammable surfaces like gravel or dry sand.

Purchase affordable iron pit rings to encircle the fire. Then use re-purposed items like a tractor tire rim for an affordable fire pit. Some jurisdictions will require a permit or on-site inspection before you’re able to light your fireplace. Do it right the first time, so you aren’t hit with expensive fines later.

Taking Pride in Your Outdoor Gathering Spaces

Take pride in your Minnesota property by underlining the value of your outdoor spaces with these design and landscaping ideas. Changing up your front and backyard does not require the investment that you thought, with most requiring very little out of pocket costs.