6 Unique Ways to Go from Blah to Backyard Oasis

Your backyard is a retreat. It’s a place where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You get away from your clutter. You take a break from household chores.

With the right design, you can transform a lackluster backyard into an oasis. The recipe includes low-maintenance décor and details that feel luxurious. Also, what’s an oasis without a water feature? Here are six unique ways to take your backyard from blah to ooh-la-la.

Think Lush

While a streamlined deck and patio can be clean and clutter-free, there’s something about it that can feel harsh. Greenery gives the illusion of a tropical rainforest. What’s more relaxing than dreaming under a palm tree?

You don’t have to plant palms to get the feel of the tropics, though. Vines creeping up a pergola can create a flourishing sun shelter. Read more about how a pergola can transform the look of your yard. Potted plants surrounding a seating area can be the liaison between the structure of your patio and the fauna in your yard.

Extend Your Home

Design the outdoor space with your home’s architecture in mind. If you walk out into a backyard oasis that just doesn’t feel like it belongs, you may experience more cacophony than harmony. Consider the style that you use throughout your house when purchasing outdoor furnishings and selecting pavers.

A deck can help you create a smooth transition from your indoor space to your outdoor oasis. If it’s covered, you can choose more sumptuous materials for your furniture. It will also give you a great place to get away on a rainy day.

If the deck isn’t covered, think about adding a shade structure. You can also create a shady retreat somewhere else in the backyard.

The perfect walkway is an entrancing way to bring people into your oasis.

A Sense of Privacy

You’ll always feel a little on edge in your oasis if it’s not private. You don’t have to put up an 8-foot privacy fence to keep out prying eyes, however. Natural fencing in the right places can provide all of the seclusion you need.

Evergreen hedges provide screening without overpowering the yard. Lattice and trellises have a delicate look and can support climbing greenery. Vertical gardens utilize stronger support systems to grow flowers or vegetables. Even a well-placed raised bed can help you achieve solitude.

Stone has a natural look to it and can be used to build walls of any height. You can also incorporate tile into a wall for a custom mosaic that adds a touch of artistry to your oasis.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Fabric

Curtains can be drawn around just about any space to create a cozy retreat. All you need is a framework. You can install curtains on a pergola or drape them creatively from a tree or clothesline.

Another way to incorporate fabric into your landscape design is to install hammocks. They give you a relaxing place to unwind and come in a variety of colors and patterns that complement any style.

Keeping blankets in a shady area can make you more comfortable on cool nights. Of course, you’ll need a heating element to help you make use of your oasis year round.

Make Fire

A fire pit can create a focal gathering spot. According to HGTV, the fire pit is one of the most popular backyard landscaping elements.

Make it extra luxurious by surrounding it with cushioned chairs in which you can really lounge. A long, rectangular fire pit can accommodate more people around it.

If you don’t want to hassle with building a fire, you can strategically place heat lamps to keep you warm in the crisp air. See? You don’t need the desert sun to take full advantage of your backyard oasis.

A Water Feature

You don’t need a freeform swimming pool for your outdoor oasis (although that would be nice). You can include a water feature that’s as basic as a birdbath fountain.

Fashioning a wandering stream around your favorite spot can take your oasis up a notch. Add a few boulders to form waterfalls for a natural sound that matches the visual abundance of your oasis.

If you do want to take a dip, a vanishing edge pool fits in with every landscape. A hot tub is an ideal option for people who want the benefit of a swimming pool without taking up too much space.

Focus on appealing to all of your senses when creating an outdoor oasis. Plant fragrant flowers, like lilacs and lily of the valley, for delicious fragrance in warm weather. Consider adding speakers outside if you don’t have a water feature. A vegetable garden can provide scrumptious goodies throughout the growing season.