5 Reasons Why You Should Attend The MPLS Home and Garden Show

The Minneapolis Home and Garden Show is happening on February 24- 26, with the second exhibition on March 3-5 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Here’s why consumers – as well as networking professionals – should visit this trade show and those like it.

1. Trade shows Are Unique Experiences

Nowhere else are you going to see such a concentration of industry innovation. Trade shows will typically attract different companies from similar backgrounds, all looking to impress potential clients and introduce new products and tools.

The home renovation and improvement industry are extremely volatile, with cutting edge technologies that simplify home care for homeowners as well as contractors. This is the opportunity for individuals who want to find new solutions to persistent problems.

Trade shows give you the unique opportunity to get up close and personal to new products, providing direct access to leading industry suppliers. Typically, companies at a trade show have gone through a tedious process to be there – naturally, they are going to bring out the best of the best. Most trade shows will have scheduled appearances and exhibitions, as well as an exhibitor list allowing individuals to search for companies that will be live at the show.

2. Opportunities for Visitors at Trade Shows

The primary objective of any company at a trade show is to connect their products to their market as well as reel in new customers. It is very normal for suppliers to showcase new products and allow customers to interact and even become a prop in demonstrations. This is also the opportunity to ask specific questions and get in contact and arrange future meetings.

It’s important to preregister and secure tickets before attending the trade show This will ensure entry, as well as introduce you to the different companies that will be present at the exhibition. You will be able to stay updated with newsletters, as well as receive previews and overviews of promising tech and solutions.

3. A Refocus on Contemporary Themes

This time it is going to be a focus on themes with a bit of a coastal flair. A 1,298 square foot house will be inside of the convention center, with the exterior showcasing the benefits of renewable production. Structural insulated panels are used to cut costs, with the home inside of the convention center showing technologies to reduce sound transmissions for a quieter home environment. The Garden by The Woods are nationally heralded landscape designers that will showcase a private outdoor retreat, with a movie theater and integrated lighting technology.

4. Enjoy the Outdoors

For those who enjoy the outdoors, then you will be glad to see the many featured gardens presented by the Star Tribune.

Present will be eight of the most talented landscapers from Minnesota and surrounding areas, showing their expertise in pruning unique landscapes that integrate home gardens.

5. Special Guests

A gathering of influencers and celebrity speakers. Expect Hillary Farr, Jeff Lewis, Terri-Traen, and many others to flesh out their expertise and to speak on a variety of topics.

6. A Broad Category of Exhibitions

There will be programs that expand on issues about water systems, food and beverage, new home construction, pet products, and even financial and insurance advice from certified brokers.

Most shows will run for several hours, giving you the opportunity to meet up with industry leaders in a myriad of related industries. There is no rush to meet everyone on the first day – remember, this is a multi-day event.

7. Be Inspired!

New products, solutions, and technologies that emphasize the value of home ownership will give you the chance to see how you can improve the aesthetics and functionality of your home.

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