5 Lessons for Outdoor Living

The right touches can make the difference between a yard and an outdoor living paradise. 

Furniture that looks as well as feels comfortable invites your guest to lounge and linger.

  • A cushion covered concrete banquette can help enhance the look of your backyard.
  • If you feel as if concrete is a little too permanent or daunting, you can also try some low sofas.
  • Adding some lightweight easy-to-move butterfly chairs lets you accommodate guests as more people arrive.
  • Lanterns as well as throw pillows will add punches of color and give your yard a more relaxed feel.


Making Your Outdoor Room Lush

Create a entry that is a green welcome by using simple plants vining such as a ficus around your fence gate.  These plants are fast-growing vines, which will grow over and cloak walls as well as soften the appeal of a rustic wooden gateway. Plants that produce green vines can also be put in pots to hang from a pergola that covers your deck or patio.

Creating a Conversion Pit

When it comes to the great outdoors do not skimp on dimensions.  Adding extra-large cushions allows for an abundance of room for your casual groups, as well as a serving surface for a tray of appetizers.  Choose oversized pillows made from outdoor fabric, so spills are easily cleaned with just water.

Embracing the Beach Lifestyle

Beach living is about casual and easy.  You can get that feel in your outdoor room by simplifying things.  Declutter your patio by swapping a cluster of chairs for one or two comfortable upholstered benches.  Instead of using bouquets as centerpieces when having a dinner party, try using a potted plant as a everlasting centerpiece.  Stick tiki torches in plant pots for easy nighttime lighting.

Finding Your Hideaway

Having a shady green area within your yard makes it seem like you are a world away, when in reality you are only a few steps away from your own door.  By incorporating a colorful low coffee table as well as a couple of hoop chairs instead of the traditional café table and folding chairs will enhance that feeling of solitude and escape.

If your MN outdoor living area needs a makeover, call Architectural Landscape Design for all of the needs that you have. We can provide you with the outdoor living space that you’re in need of, without having to worry about coming up with a design all your own!  We are currently scheduling free initial in-home design consultations to get the planning process going for spring installation.