4 Outdoor Trends to Consider for Spring 2016

Okay, so it’s only fall here in the Minneapolis area, and with winter still to come, why are we talking about spring? 

Because now is the time to start planning your landscaping changes so you can be ready to take advantage of the warm weather when it hits.  We’re working with customers right now on getting the planning stages done so we’re ready for installation when the snow melts.

The spring season is the start of wanting to be outdoors, so why waste it a minute?  Many homeowners put outdoor living space improvements at the top of their “to-do” lists during the springtime. Starting to design the outdoor living space of your dreams before the spring season will help you get all the details in place to get the maximum amount of satisfaction from your outdoor living space renovations.

Here are some popular trends that you may want to consider when dreaming up your ideal outdoor space.

Popular Landscaping Trends for 2016

View Decks:  Meant for not only the backyard, these decks give a new meaning to outdoor living spaces. Whether you have a minimum amount of space, or you have an awesome view that you would love to relax and enjoy, you will greatly benefit from a view deck. Bonus: Putting in glass railings gives your home a high-end luxury touch you might be searching for, plus glass won’t block your view.

Chameleon Lighting:  Giving your deck or other outdoor area a soft glow can help add to the relaxing finishes you might be searching for. Having lighting fixtures around your patio or deck with cords that are hidden by structures such as columns or pillars will help take away the potential safety hazard of tripping on cords. Bonus: The placement of these lights will give your outdoor living area a sophisticated look and feel.

Features for Using Your Outdoor Space Year Round:  Outdoor living spaces do not have to be only used in the non-winter months. With simple additions like a covered patio or deck or a fire pit, you can enjoy your patio no matter what the weather is like outside. Fire pits are something that can really be enjoyed in warm or cold weather.  Bonus: s’mores are great in winter months. too.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen:  For the avid grill users, something like snow and winter do not stop them from grilling their favorite foods, so consider designing your outdoor kitchen so it can be used no matter what the weather.

And then there’s taking that kitchen to another level.  Instead of just having a grill and prep area in your outdoor space, why not go beyond that and add a sink and a mini refrigerator? Bonus: Cuts out the time spent running back and forth from the grill to the kitchen, so you can spend all your time outdoors while entertaining.  Keep in mind, though, that a sink and fridge have to be turned off when the cold weather hits.

No matter what you dream up for your outdoor living space for the next spring season, plan ahead and contact the MN landscaping professionals at Architectural Landscape Design to help your outdoor living space dreams become reality.  We are currently offering free initial design consultations, and if you get the planning stages done now, we’ll lock in our 2015 costs. 

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