3 Tips to Keep Your Lawn Healthy

Is your lawn looking a little drab lately?

Perhaps the stormy weather has been hard on it, or it’s simply in need of some TLC.  Your lawn is an important part of keeping your home looking great.  Just make sure to skip these mistakes that some homeowners make when it comes to their lawn maintenance plans.



Lawn Care Tips

Whether you are the type of person to take on do it yourself projects, or would rather hire somebody to fix the issues for you, we at Architectural Landscape Design want your lawn to keep looking fantastic with these simple tips.

  • Give it the water it needs
  • Fix damaged areas
  • Get rid of weeds and pests


A good watering will go a long way with the grass on your lawn. Your grass absorbs most of the water it gets at its roots, which can go down many feet into the soil if you’ve got an already healthy lawn.  If you only water your lawn during periods of time when it is very hot and extremely sunny, most of the water will absorb into the atmosphere before ever reaching the roots. Additionally, watering for only a few minutes at a time may not be giving the soil the opportunity to soak up the water and bring it to your grass’s roots. Make sure you are giving your lawn the amount of water and time it needs to really soak into the ground.

You would not ignore something that is damaged within your home, would you? Why stop at the inside of your home? Stop ignoring the dry spots that are making your lawn look less than pleasant. Common problems with dry spots in your lawn could be due to grubs, lack of fertilization, or simply not enough water. It is important to take the time to identify the issue and fix it in  a timely manner.

Lawn care does not stop at just fertilization and watering. Insects and other pests can feed on your lawn and can end up causing a lot of damage. Don’t not let your lawn suffer because of these intruding pests. Your grass with thrive when it doesn’t have weeds to compete against for water and other resources.  If yours is getting out of control, it may be time to call a lawn care service.

If taking care of that grass and keeping it looking good is getting to be too much for you, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Architectural Landscape Design.  We’ve got lots of ideas for low-maintenance landscaping solutions that can make your yard look beautiful without taking up all your free time!  (Check out our Pinterest board for some ideas.)