5 Creative Ways to Beautify Your Yard in 2018

New and seasoned homeowners both agree: There’s always more ways to make a home appealing. Especially yards. Whether you want to develop your garden, set up the perfect groundwater system, or have a private space for to entertain family and friends, you can create lasting memories — and maximize curb appeal for your home.

Fire Boulders and Fireplaces

A crackling fire can envelop the senses and give a backyard a comfortable, unique appeal. Fire boulders — which are pre-built fireplaces encased in natural stone — are custom kits that can add flair to any yard. It’s the perfect set up for you to enjoy with friends and family.

Here are a few considerations for fire boulders:

  • Wood burning has been found to benefit lawns. However, the 2018 trend is all about sustainability and includes lava rocks, crushed glass, or fake logs.
  • Fire boulders come in all shapes and forms.
  • Fire boulders can be customizable. For example, hand-carved stone makes for great fire bowls or other precast concrete structures.

Traditional fireplaces are typically more expensive structures, but offer a few benefits and limitations of its own:

  • Block wind as a secondary barrier to the elements
  • Creates more privacy
  • Serves as an anchor to an outdoor room
  • Suitable to seat four to six individuals

Aluminum Decks

For homeowners that regularly combat high temperatures year-round, aluminum decks are all the rage in 2018. Aluminum decks also have attributes that set them apart from wood decking, such as:

  • Constant cool. Aluminum decks stay cool even in the hottest of temperatures.
  • Built to last. These structures are designed to withstand all types of weather and can withstand constant exposure to water. (So you never have to worry about mold or slip-and-falls!)
  • Durable. Unlike wood decks, aluminum decking doesn’t rust, crack, or warp.
  • Lighter and stronger. Yes, you read that correctly. Aluminum decks weigh less than wood decks and are also stronger.
  • Drainage efficient. Most aluminum decks come installed with drainage channels, which efficiently removes rainwater to keep the deck surface spotless.

Aluminum decking solutions can be developed to fit your commercial and residential needs.

Plants for Pollinators

The secret behind your beautiful begonias isn’t your secret fertilizer–it’s animal pollinators. These creatures help reproduce 90% of all flowering plants, as well as a whopping one-third of our food crops. Pollinators help us to live; they are an essential component of the natural ecosystem.

Their benefits include:

  • Improved quality of fruit
  • Increased size and width of fruit and plans
  • Diverse pollination for your garden
  • Stimulates local biodiversity — which increases plant production

But what exactly are pollinators? Here’s a list of the most common organisms:

  • Bees
  • Butterflies
  • Moths
  • Flies
  • Birds
  • Bats
  • Beetles

Some starter plants that can attract animal pollinators are butterfly bush, fennel, latana, borage, oregano, sunflower, alstroemeria, lavender, and salvia.

Permeable Pavers

If water is a constant challenge for your yard or decking, then consider starting 2018 with permeable pavers. These interlocking, concrete stones are designed to channel stormwater towards underground aquifers, which replicates how natural land filters and absorbs rain or flood water.

As a homeowner, permeable pavers have some attractive benefits:

  • Reduces lawn watering by redirecting stormwater to grassed areas
  • Helps landscaping needs by limiting erosion
  • Prevents mosquito breeding grounds by eliminating pools of standing water
  • Designed for durability and can outlast traditional paved surfaces

That’s not all — permeable pavers can help your community by filtering groundwater back to the local water treatment plant, keep ecosystems in constant motion, and reduce the amount of water present for landscaping.

With permeable pavers, you never have to worry about excess water on your walkways or patios — and any subsequent soggy boots.

Water Features

Studies have shown that flowing, trickling water can have a soothing effect on humans, spark creativity, and bring about a peaceful mood. And in 2018, you can connect with these benefits every day with a personal water feature in your yard.

The most common water features are:

  • Waterfall
  • Containers with pond water — often filled with koi fish
  • Human-made ponds
  • Fountains
  • Aquatic plants
  • Bubble pools

Water creates ambiance and feeling for both humans and wildlife. And installing one can be an investment in your tranquility. Why wait?

Transforming Your Yard is Within Reach

With a little planning and foresight, you can turn your property into something that will make all of the neighbors jealous. Stay ahead of the trends and make your home a cost-efficient paradise.