10 Original Types of Swimming Pools for Your Yard

As fall sets in around the Twin Cities, many homeowners are re-evaluating their yards and making mental notes of things they’d like to change.  If your landscape daydreams include a pool, check out this post:  Outdoor Themes has some of the coolest ideas that you should think about using for the next summer. If you thought that this one was hot, consider how it is going to be next year. Putting in a pool doesn’t have to be all work, you can make it into something that is also fun. Consider some of these fun ideas and make sure to take notes and plan ahead for the summer ahead. You never know when you might want to take a dip when the temperatures start to rise.

Freeform infinity edge pool with adjacent spa

From the most lavish to the smallest but coolest of pools, you’re able to get a glimpse in the many ways that you can be creative with a little help and the right designer.

What You’ll Learn About Unique Pools:

  • The many different designs that pools can be in
  • Being able to stay cool in the summer can be affordable
  • Even small spaces can have a nice pool put in them


If this summer made you re-think your plans of not having a pool, then let us design one for you now for next summer.  This is the perfect time to get the process going.  We are able to provide many unique ideas, like the ones mentioned above so that you have a cool, crisp, different type of pool to swim in. Check out our Pinterest page for some awesome pool ideas for the upcoming summer months. We are your MN pool installation contractor.  For a free design consultation, give us a call at 952.292.7717.