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Great Curb Appeal Welcomes Family, Friends, and You!

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Curb appeal…does your house have it? It’s that charm that makes people take a second look and welcomes family and friends. If your front yard is inviting it will help guide your guests on how to enter your house, and even park their cars. Create a winding or straight hardscape walkway or sidewalk from the curb to the front porch with stepping stones, concrete, flagstone, pavers, or brick. Add a stone or brick courtyard for a place to meet and sit with family and friends. Color, texture, fragrance, and even a little whimsy, can make the trip to your welcome mat a pleasurable trip.

There may be some similar styles of houses in your neighborhood, or common rooflines, driveways and garages. What’s in front of your house can keep it from being lost in the sameness. By repeating your house’s colors and textures in retaining walls, driveways, sidewalks, you can blend your house and yard together like in a painting. Color draws the eye so you can use it in your building materials to redirect attention from garage doors and other areas you want to de-emphasize.

Your house can be individual with a well-designed plan to create year around appeal. Our MN landscape designers and architects will design a yard with you that makes people passing by take a second look. An interesting front yard also pays off monetarily as it increases the property value of a house. Great curb appeal is often what makes buyers take notice of a house and keeps them coming back

Planting flowers and shrubs that bloom throughout all the seasons will ensure that there is something that always draws attention and provides beauty for you. You can plant flowering border plants for spring, shrubs with red berries or red branches will brighten up the fall and provide a show all against the snow.

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The Curb Appeal of a Great Landscaping Design

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

The first impression a house makes at the curb, is undeniably the most important one that visitors will have when they visit your home. Even if every home on the street was build exactly the same, the landscaping and entryway will set the whole tone for what takes place from there. Whether you are trying to sell your home, or are planning on staying there a while, adding landscaping and unique walks will have a dramatic impact that will remain throughout the year.

At Architectural Landscape Design we are able to design and create walkways with unique spiral patterns that bring several design elements together for you. Stone pavers make a great entrance when set into the foundation properly. They will not move and come loose over time like some other products can, and they are very resistant to damage and salt. Lighting path ways will solar lighting is another affordable, economic way to add beauty and depth to your home.

Surrounding your new hardscape with softer landscapes can increase the value of your home in ways that will only get better with age. It is a new trend for home buyers to look for homes with aging landscaping, and mature gardens.  Larger, more established trees are in demand with properties for sale now. By looking to the future, and planting now, you will be adding value to your home with each passing year.

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